EXPERIS(https://www.experis.es/ ) is a dedicated business unit of ManpowerGroup – a world leader in talent management services for more than 60 years, and a recognized pioneer in the industry. EXPERIS IT accelerates business growth and careers by intensely attracting, assessing and placing specialized expertise offering advanced services based in talent. Aware of the increasing technological gap that the IT labour market has been experiencing for the last few years, EXPERIS IT strategy inside Media & Telco Division is based in the acquisition of edge technology capabilities which allow to train qualified professionals fitting the requirements of a market in continuous change. Furthermore, the Media & Telco division offers tailored SW solutions for large-scale corporations such as Alcatel Lucent, France Telecom, INDRA, Telefonica, etc. playing the role of technological provider within strategic and reliable projects. Thanks to those long-term technological partnerships, EXPERIS IT has enough presence for facing further initiatives of national and European scope in collaboration with other companies, SMEs and/or technological research centres. Thanks to those long-term technological partnerships, EXPERIS has enough presence for facing further initiatives of national and European scope in collaboration with other SMEs and/or technological research centres. Ever since its inception our company has been projected for participating actively into those Research and Development lines enabled by European Commission and national authorities. Such company strategy is favoured by the staff background by counting on more than 9 years of experience in international R&D within our managing areas.

Following technological fields are supported both by our staff expertise and, our ability and freshness to face new challenges offered by these technologies.

  • Advanced network solutions and Interoperability: Most of the software projects where EXPERIS IT is involved are based on client-server architectures. Through the data optimization and multiprotocol translation, EXPERIS IT staff has succeeded in developing commercial solutions together with international enterprises. EXPERIS IT is involved in key Network Management Project with Spanish operators (Telefonica) EXPERIS IT can offer expertise in Cloud Computing architectures (i.e. old Grid oriented Globus Framework) and commercial solutions (i.e. Amazon Web Services – AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Cloud…).
  • Big data management: EXPERIS IT staff has been involved in the development and deployment of complex solutions where processing huge amount of data has been the final system core. This is as well the case of the Network Management solution EXPERIS IT has a real compromise with open source communities even within scenarios where reliability is one of the key aspects. That’s the reason to offer our expertise within database engines like MySQL and PostgreSQL both able to offer end-user solutions within realistic quality indicators and constraints. Nevertheless we are aimed to offer the most suitable solution for each customer and therefore, our expertise is wide open within database engine commercial solutions: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle…EXPERIS IT staff has been involved in the deployment of technological solutions based on data base clustering hosting and manipulating millions of records. Those solutions were mainly based on MySQL engine NDBCluster. In the field of no-relational database management, EXPERIS IT staff has been involved in projects using geospatial data by deploying GIS platforms.
  • IT Security and data protection: EXPERIS IT staff has an important expertise in the IT security field. Such expertise is focused into two main areas: the one oriented to secure communications among software entities: ssl layer development and configuration, data encryption, digital certificates management (x509 certificates and extensions), smart cards hardware integration,… and the one oriented to the users authentication/authorization and profiling through the deployment of Digital Identity Management standards such as: OpenID, Oasis (LibertyAlliance)… and their relation with Identity Providers (IdP) like Google or Facebook.
  • High-End Server and Embedded Systems Deployment. EXPERIS IT staff understands the relevance of having the best technological ecosystem when the time comes for facing realistic software solutions. That’s the reason for considering the continuous training of our analysts into new technologies and solutions offered around the world.
    EXPERIS has experience in the deployment of high-end server platforms based on robust software solutions such as JBoss where both open community and a proven reliability are joined in the same product. Of course, final platform decision depends on the global technological ecosystem so EXPERIS IT has expertise in other software server platforms such as: Oracle Weblogic Server, ASP .Net, Tomcat…
    EXPERIS has been involved in the deployment of embedded systems where cost saving strategy is required for implementing a real solution. Within such scenarios, hardware consultancy is critical for reaching a tradeoff among costs and performance. EXPERIS IT has already been working with low resources hardware for embedded solutions such as those offered by Raspberry Pi® and Arduino (with ARM Cortex).
  • Low-level programming: EXPERIS IT has the required staff expertise for programming within several languages like: Java, Visual C++, Assembler, PHP, Python… Depending on the final solution needs and the technological context where it should be deployed, our company is able to involve those programmers with the required experience in the best suitable technology.
    EXPERIS IT offers as partner the capacity for playing several roles from the “mere” developer of a piece of the global architecture to the main integrator or architectural responsible for the IT solution related to the project.
  • Staff R&D Experience: Concerning the Management of R&D project, our staff has been involved both as partners and coordinators of European proposals since FP 6 and therefore has the required expertise from the elaboration/negotiation phases till the execution and final review stages of a success initiative.